Hot Spot of the Week Oct. 14th

October 14, 2019


Hello. I hope you enjoyed the brisk weather we had in Fort Bend County over the weekend! Every week Fort Bend Living showcase a local business that we believe brings value to our great community. This week we wanted to do something different here at the office. Since the weather changed so rapidly over the weekend it had the office wondering what happens to all the animals that are wondering around shivering. So we did some research and found several local shelters that addressed our concerns. The one that we believe has one of the most impact in our community is the Fort Bend County Animal Services. The mission of Animal Services is to eradicate the spread of rabies among the county’s animals, prevent rabies in the human population, and control wild, potentially dangerous animals in areas of high population density. Further, we strive to enhance the quality of life in our community through education initiatives designed to prevent pet overpopulation, to provide compassionate enforcement of current laws relating to the treatment of animals and to place animals in our care with loving and responsible families. If you are interested in donating, volunteering, or fostering. Please click the link above. Have a great week. Linda