5 Trees That’ll Withstand the Worst Storms and Still Look Gorgeous

June 17, 2019

Looking to spruce up your yard but not sure exactly what to plant. If you’re like me you only want to have to plant it once and that is it. But sometimes living in Fort Bend Count can through us some curve balls at times. Today it can be 90 degrees and tomorrow mid-thirties. So what can foliage can you use to withstand our crazy weather? Glad you asked…below is a list of 5 plants trees that might be the answer to your prayers. 1.

  1. Tulip Tree
  2. Bald Cypress
  3. Eastern Redbud
  4. River Birch
  5. Oak Trees

For additional information on why theses trees might be the answer to your prayers. Then click here to ready the full article. Enjoy:)