Hamburger Anyone?

May 26, 2019


National Hamburger Day is a day to celebrate one of the cornerstone foods of Western civilization – the hamburger! And of course I just could not allow this day to pass without celebrating. So I headed to Burger Barn in Manvel to sample one of their delicious burgers. When you walk-in you can’t help but notice their menu that has over 20 different types of burgers. I opted for the vegetarian black bean burger all the way with a couple of slices of avocado. It was so flavorful and filling! So if you are looking for a burger jot that will please even the pickiest eaters. Then I suggest you check out the Burger Barn. Fun Facts:
  • Hamburgers account for almost half of all sandwiches sold
  • Americans consumer over 50 billion burgers a year
  • McDonald’s sells 75 burgers each second (or 270,000 burgers an hour!)
  • The oldest burger chain in the United States is White Castle
  • Cheese became a popular addition to hamburgers during the 1920s
  • American GI’s during WWII tried to rename hamburgers as “Liberty Sandwiches”